Student Services

University Applications

Applying for university should be an exciting time for students but is often times very stressful. At Belgravia Private our education consultants understand this. That is why we provide you with the opportunity to avoid this stress by letting us handle your application and UCAS personal statements. For international students from the Middle East and other regions, we will secure you a university place and make obtaining your visa a smooth process.



For different reasons, sometimes universities and academic institutions get it wrong. We offer you full support in these unwelcome situations and work closely with academic law specialists. Issues relating to remarking and grade appeals, plagiarism appeals and many more have to be addressed seriously. We know just how to do that.

Student Accommodation and Travel

Students travelling from different countries and regions to study in the UK struggle to get established. We work closely with our partners to provide you with both affordable and luxury student accommodation. We can also take care of all of your transport needs while in the UK from the moment you land at the airport.



Our consultants work closely with parents to make sure that their children stay ahead. Our supervision service allows us to keep track of your progress. If you are forced to take time off due to illness or unforeseen circumstances we will handle matters with the university and arrange for sick notes or mitigating circumstances supporting documents to be filed correctly.