PhD Proposals

PhD Services

Getting a PhD in the UK provides candidates with the opportunity to grow their career prospects and elevate their status in society. Whether it is a PhD in London or anywhere else in the UK, our tutors and consultants will make sure that you receive the full support you need.


Proposal Writing

Writing a proposal is not an easy task. Most applications are rejected because the proposal fails to meet the level required by PhD supervisers. Our PhD specialists will help guide you step by step so that your ideas can be converted into a perfect PhD proposal. We will help you conduct a detailed literature review for your topic and work with you on your research methodology and writing skills.

PhD Application

After a high level proposal is prepared, the next step is to apply for suitable universities. Our long relationships with universities across the UK means that we will find the most suitable superviser for your PhD research. Our education consultants will prepare you for the interview, ensuring you secure your place.


PhD Tutoring

Sometimes PhD supervisers are too preoccupied with their own research and may not provide you with the support you need. Our tutors will provide you with the PhD research help you need to move forward. We will work closely with you to make sure that your research is original and your write up is complete.

PhD Viva

The most difficult part of the PhD is usually the oral examination known as the Viva. Our tutors will work closely with you over an extended period of time so that you enter the Viva full of confidence. We will help you summarise each chapter and prepare you for any questions that may be asked. Once you have completed this, then congratulations you have now earned the title Dr.!