Why Everyone NEEDS a Private Tutor

RESEARCH has shown Private Tutoring in London and the UK has exploded over the past five years. As much as 40% of students in London use a private tutor. Does that mean everybody is really struggling at school?? The simple answer is no. In fact it can be argued that more and more students are doing better at school. As a result the government has decided to change the grading system so that it is more difficult to score the highest grade – 9.


See it, Hear it, Do it.


What does seem to be the reason for this surge in tutoring demand is that we are now more aware of how we learn best. Take for instance the VAK model developed in the 1920’s. Psychologists classified learners into three types. Visual – learning by seeing, Auditory – learning by seeing and Kinesthetic – learning by doing. But sadly schools are under too much pressure to cater to every student individually. A lot of students from primary school through to university level struggle because their learning type is not addressed. Rather than getting the type of support they need, these students are unfairly penalised.


Simple is Smart


Even though schools are advancing in their teaching, not enough having done to teach students HOW to learn. Many students from primary through to university having penalty when they were never taught how to learn in the first place. What is worse is that there have been proven techniques for a long time. An example of this is Richard Feynman’s model, known as the Feynman technique. The Nobel prize winner suggests, much like Einstein, that if you can’t explain an idea simply, you simply do not understand it. The technique goes like this:


  1. Pick a topic you want to learn.
  2. Read it, write it, study it.
  3. Try to explain it to somebody who knows nothing about the subject in simple terms.
  4. If you do this well then bravo. If not review your notes and try again.


Forget a Private Tutor, I want a Custom Tutor


The answer to the problem IS NOT just getting a tutor. Its getting the RIGHT tutor. Tutors have to customise their work to your learning style. To do this they must know how you learn. Ultimately we all have our own unique differences and it is the job of the private tutor to address these.

Why Everyone NEEDS a Private Tutor

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