Why you should become a private tutor today

According to researchers, there are now more people working as private tutors in the UK than in the NHS. The number of private tutors in the UK has dramatically risen in recent years as more and more people are seeing the benefits of the profession. Flexible hours, pay and networking are just some of the reasons why so many without a background in teaching are now looking at tutoring as a career option.

Flexible hours

The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) found that 11 percent of employees in the UK are working above 48 hours a week, which is considered long hours under the Working Time Regulations 1998. The ability to choose when you work is one of the main perks of being a private tutor. Having the flexibility to work the hours that you want allows for you to pursue personal commitments, a luxury that is rarely afforded to a typical 9 to 5. Studies have found that a balanced work life is essential for a healthy lifestyle and a decrease in stress.

Large and in charge

As a tutor being your own boss comes with the territory due to the fact you set your own schedule and workload. It’s no wonder then why so many teachers are leaving the profession to work as private tutors full time. A YouGov poll found that more than 50% of teachers in the UK want to quit the profession due to the workload, lack of work/life balance and low pay.  It goes without saying that being a tutor is a great way of earning a living whilst being your own boss.

Private Tutor Job satisfaction

Working one-to-one with a student is a unique experience for tutors and pupils alike. It’s no secret that some students struggle to ask the questions they would like to in class out of fear of embarrassment however private tutoring allows for them to ask as many questions as they want. The chance to see a student fully engage in school work and actually see positive results is a part of the job many tutors enjoy.

Show me the money (Jerry Maguire)

Whether you’re a student or a parent looking to earn extra money, becoming a tutor is a great way to supplement your income. By becoming a private tutor you’re able to set your own hourly rates and how long you work. On average most tutors charge between £30 – £40 a lesson, however, there are some things you must consider when setting your rate.

Financial needs – Always choose a rate that will help you with your personal finances where that be bills or expenses.

Subject competition –  It’s key to know what other tutors in your area are charging specifically for the subject you’ll be teaching. The common mistake made by new tutors is charging too much or too little due to a lack of research into their chosen subject. DON’T PRICE YOURSELF OUT THE GAME.

Qualifications & credentials – Qualifications and credentials are the some of the main things that people look at when choosing a tutor. Good qualifications and credentials allow for you to charge a higher rate as a great academic record is proof of knowledge in a subject.

Experience – Years of first hand experience goes a long way in the world of tutoring. Without a proven track record of successful students, it’s difficult to charge higher rates regardless of how good your qualifications are. The top earning tutors have years of experience behind them and can easily charge up to £1000 a lesson because of their proven track record.

Whatever your motivation behind becoming a private tutor it’s key to determine what’s important to you. Whether you want a job on the side or a change in career, private tutoring has fast become a popular option for people due to its multiple benefits. Sign up today and become a private tutor with Belgravia Private.


Why you should become a private tutor today
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