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At every level of education and in any discipline, we develop our clients’ strengths and weaknesses to prepare you for success.

At every level of education and in any discipline, we develop our clients’ strengths and weaknesses to prepare you for success.

At every level of education and in any discipline, we develop our clients’ strengths and weaknesses to prepare you for success.


KS1 and KS2
The early you start their development, the better prepared they are for life.

Ranging from tutors that prepare your children for entrance exams to lan...

The most overlooked period in a student’s education, but one of the most important

Our Key Stage 3 tutors can begin working with students as early as ...

A stage that defines the next few years of a students life and shapes their career choices.

For students from the ages of 14-16, we provide a tailored GCSE tutoring...

The first step of higher education needs preparation

The jump from GCSE to A levels can prove to be very difficult, particula...

Belgravia Private tutors specialises in university tutoring and covers every discipline

We have provided the best university private tutoring for our clients fo...

It is always a right time to learn another language.

At Belgravia private we offer you the chance to learn a new language reg...


How It Works

Step 1


Get in touch with us via our contact page, phone or whatsapp and we will arrange a consultation to identify your learning need and style using proven scientific methods.

Step 2


Based on our assessment we will select the most suitable tutor for you, saving you the headache of hiring the wrong tutor. We aim to provide you a slot within 24 hours of your initial contact.

Step 3


Whether you need help with last minute revision or coursework support, we endeavour to provide a lesson plan that best suits you. Lessons can be done in person or online, depending on what suits you best.


Hussain Ayed
04th May 2018
According to researchers, there are now more people working as private tutors in the UK than in the NHS. The number of private tutors in the UK has dramatically risen in recent years as more and more people are seeing
Hussain Ayed
04th May 2018
DO you want to learn another language? If so, have your Rosetta Stone play on repeat while you sleep and remember to book your Paris tickets ready for the next day. We have all heard of the idea that playing
Hussain Ayed
04th May 2018
RESEARCH has shown Private Tutoring in London and the UK has exploded over the past five years. As much as 40% of students in London use a private tutor. Does that mean everybody is really struggling at school?? The simple

About Us

Belgravia Private provides you with the best tutors in London and the rest of the UK. From home tutors to Online tutoring, we provide a tailored tutoring approach to all of our clients to ensure exam success. We have attracted clients from the Royal Families of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries in Asia as well as many high net worth individuals and celebrities. We cover all levels of education including GCSE tutoring, A Level tutoring, Undergraduate tutoring as well as language tutors for English and Arabic. Belgravia Private is also proud to present the first PhD proposal writing support and application management service that ensures PhD candidates adhere to proper academic practice and successfully earn their doctorate. Our goal is to enable you to open the doors of success.

ANOUNCEMENT:In 2018 we will for the first time be launching the Belgravia Private tutoring exhibition for GCSE and A-Level students. The two-day event will be a dynamic learning experience for students where they will receive a crash course in exam preparation. There will be Maths tutors, English Tutors, Science Tutors in addition to dedicated tutors from all subjects providing teaching in a number of styles that will mean everybody is catered to.